Picking a CMS is a technical, business, and personal decision. You'll learn about the future of content management, and why migrating to "Invisible" CMS is critical to your success. You can create your own "Invisible" CMS, and grow your business. "Invisible" CMS is about creating a business with Joomla while not being fixated on the actual platform.

To be successful, it's critical to understand that very few people care about the actual CMS, they need to see solutions; and developers need to provide more than just a custom template. The focus will be on reimagining what you as a developer/integrator/agency are doing, integrating 3rd party technologies, and selling a solution.


 Speaker: Robert Jacobi


Many Joomla users think code is just for programmers. Learn some easy and practical PHP and CSS tweaks that you can copy and paste to make your site even better

 Speaker: Alexis Priddy


Believe it or not, dealing with unhappy clients can be a good thing for your company sales, if you handle the situation correctly.  An unhappy client is telling you that they are missing something. If you acknowledge their needs and address them in a positive way, often those clients will upgrade to a plan or package that will meet their needs.

It takes a lot of finesse, some humor, and compassion, but is possible with the right approach to actually use a seemingly bad situation to improve the company bottom line. 

 Speaker: Tessa Snodgrass


Seems like a lot of people are afraid of code and was going to show some very simple things that most people can do in template overrides and CSS to make Joomla way more powerful.

 Speaker: Alexis Priddy


Looking for an open source solution to build your next web application in a jiffy? We’ll look at some of the baked in capabilities of Fabrik, and then take a look at some of the ways you can connect Fabrik to other systems.

 Speaker: Robbie Adair


We plan to cover the following topics:

  1. Getting Started with Joomla
  2. Content Comes First
  3. Extending Joomla
  4. Design for Joomla
  5. Managing People & Process

 Speaker: Rod Martin


We may describe ourselves simply as website builders, but we’re really in the business of marketing. At the heart and soul of marketing is content, yet it's often the most difficult part of a website, causing major slow downs in development and costing precious time and money. We’re left feeling stuck and frustrated.

In this session, I’ll show you a proven strategy for structuring your home page content so it turns browsers into buyers, provides clearly defined steps to fill in content, and speeds up project completion. This super powerful approach is designed to work in our oversaturated, swipe-and-scan world of the web.

When you know how to communicate what you offer, you have a clear path to bring in new business and you can go live in less time. You’ll be confident in a system that generates the right leads, allows you to charge more, and results in happy and loyal clients. 

 Speaker: Karen Dunne


We will start with a intro to Augmented Reality, both the uses and how to create. Next, we will discuss assets and the power of Videos as assets. Then, using NAWMAL, we'll take a look at using 3D Characters as instructional assets in AR.

 Speaker: Robbie Adair


Strategies and considerations for building a Kubernetes cluster that allows Joomla to scale horizontally.

 Speaker: Michael Richey


I will be going over some of the best ways to improve your site performance. I will also have a slideshow prepared for this and will be going over some of my favorite tips, tricks, and plugins to use.


 Speaker: Danielle Hardy


We'll take a look at best practices for keeping your site secured with Admin Tools.

 Speaker: Doug Deitel